Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Age of Crisdom

So a couple of years ago I started this blogging thing over at Y2K Survivor. The name was all based off a cartoon I had drawn that went with a class I taught at conferences. I had a collection of clip art I had worked on at the office for the presentation, so, you know, why reinvent the wheel? Right?

Then as I kind of got into blogging, it occurred to me there are a lot of freaky people out there on the world wide internets and I need to protect myself and my family. So I went with the name Y2K Survivor.

But now I have some new digs, and they kind of indicate I step out of the shadow of the old blog. I didn't mind using Y2K Survivor because it was a comfortable transition for those who followed from the AOL Journal. Both of them. One was my Mom. I have to send her a new link everyday or she wont read it. I have to call about four times and ask her what she thought before she will actually do it. She says words of encouragement like "You better never try to put me in a home after reading all this crap!"

ANYhooooo.... I was thinking that I need to cut out the Y2K stuff. My name is Cris. It's a man's name with a manly spelling so shut up! There are lot's of men who spell their name Cris. I didn't pick it out, it was given to me, spelling and all, by my parents. And they told me they picked that name because they always wanted a BOY! So there! And... and... and now they are old so if you make fun of my name you are picking on old people who are uncomfortable with new technology like the Internet. ... except maybe for my Mom who only seems to hate having to read certain blogs. But I need to show the freakin Hits on my site meter or I'll never get rich off of Google Ads!!!

So from now on I am me. I am Cris. Cris is my name and you should get to know me. Chris is a name that is often short for Christopher or Christian. Baby name books say Chris is a variation of Christ. Only there is no H in my name so evidently MY NAME doesn't stand for a damn thing. So there we are, my name is Cris and that doesn't mean a damn thing to anybody but me. But still, from now on, maybe I should just be me. The guy without the H.


Avitable said...

Is it short for Cristine? Cristen? Cristy?

Cris said...

No! It's just Cris. I guess if there was a shorter version it would have to be Cri. Maybe Crrrrrrrrrrrr, I hear my wife and kids make that noise a lot when talking to me. But the long, extended, full name is Cris.

Maybe it is short for Crisis?