Friday, September 26, 2008

Pez Debates

So the first round is over. Both sides will walk away convinced their guy kicked ass and the other was a total loser. America can start it's own kind of debate as we focus on how stupid Sarah Palin can be, how black Obama looks, how old McCain is and life will go on as usual. No changes, no improvements, just friends mad at each other for personal belief systems.

Two things really bothered me about tonight. I was not bothered by McCain constantly pointing out how inexperienced Obama is as a world leader. I was not bothered by McCain talking about his hands-on experience on every major issues this country has faced over the past three decades. I WAS bothered by the fact that Obama didn't calmly look into the camera and say to America, "And look where we are now with all of that contribution."

Oh did you hear the Washington Mutual bank that was closed by the Government was due to a "run?" People became so panicked they might lose their savings, they rushed down an pulled out all savings and investments. Over four days they crippled poor WaMu to the point they collapsed. Oh yeah... and the news reports WaMu is actually the FIRST bank to ever actually collapse due to a run! In other words, we seeing things now that are worse than they were in the Great Depression.

OK the other thing that bothered me was following the debate. CBS said they had a group of people screened to be non-partisan. They asked them who won the debate and a guy said it was Obama, "Because he looked more relaxed and at ease."

How in the hell can America's Oldest, most trusted news source set up a fluff piece like that and pick the biggest idiot in the room to interview? Out of all the issues discussed, out of all the topics covered, with the world falling down around us and the possible end of the United States as a Super Power looming in our immediate future this guy talks about how freakin relaxed one guy looked!!

This is not a year to allow stupid people to vote! Sheeeesh!


Nina said...

Actually, I thought body language spoke volumes. Obama was relaxed and also far more engaging than McCain. He even did a better job talking to McCain as Jim Lehrer asked the two of them to do. McCain seemed irritated, distant and that Obama is beneath him.

I don't really see a clear winner in this debate, as far as their positions. (Seems as "same ol' same ol'" to me)

The body language was far bigger.

People who don't really pay attention to all this stuff are going to base their impression on who looks more presidential.

I prefer Obama of course, but that's just me.


Anonymous said...

I'm almost certain that this is not the first bank to fail due to a run. In fact, here's a indirect link to an article that blames the IndyMac failure on a run: (no direct link as the referenced link no longer works).

Also, a case can be made that the run is merely the mechanism of the failure, at least in the WaMu case, as their credit rating and stock price were pretty much in free-fall already and they would probably have failed soon anyway even without the run.

Regarding the debate, I felt like McCain did a better job of controlling the conversation. I also thought there were a couple of key areas that went in McCain's favor: the response about how the current financial crisis would change their plans (Obama said it would slow his energy independence plan, though I expect he intended that as just one example, while McCain was much more bold with suggesting a significant spending freeze) and the Russian portion of the foreign policy discussions, where it seemed that Obama often just agreed with McCain after McCain had discussed some issues in detail.

Overall, though, it seemed pretty even -- certainly not a game-changer.

Cris said...

Nina: But it seems that is the same thinking that enables voters to stop at the black issue. Because if it is all about looking Presidential... then every President in history has been an old white dude.

Ren: Good point. In fact as I was writing that, I was thinking about all the old closed banks I have seen. My home town is littered with old bank buildings from banks that no longer exist. In fact, any trip down any street in Oklahoma will find those old out of business banks. Therefore it is possible the news (I think it was NPR) was wrong on that being the first ever bank that closed down due to a run.

The only part that struck me was the closing statement by Obama. He said (paraphrase) his vision of the country was to invest in people and not corporate elite. He said investing in health care, education, roads and infrastructure is what made America great in the past and is what is needed for the future. I believe that to be true with every fiber of my being. But I do not believe we need to make punitive tax systems to make this possible. So in the end, I don't really like either guy very much so far.