Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hospital Intel Lacking

Ever have a family member in a hospital and NOBODY will tell you what the fuck is going on?!! I have had reports today that my mother had some type of mental melt down, possibly stroke to bad blood sugars. Mrs. Y2K has been there all day and I called several times last night and not once have we talked to a freakin doctor. What's worse... Mom has EXCELLENT health insurance! And this is the best hospital in the state!

So in honor of my day of medical dark ages, where no clear information was gleaned....

Here's a cartoon!!


Avitable said...

You probably want to talk to a nurse anyways - just call the front and ask for the nurse's desk for that floor and ask for the supervising nurse. They can probably tell you just as much information.

Hope everything's okay.

Cris said...

Yeah, luckily I know the head nurse (she doesn't do what I thought the title implied) and she kind of kicked some ass and took some names.

I think everything is on track to work out in time. Thanks for the concern.