Saturday, September 20, 2008

X-Tra Curricular

Back in high school I was in a few extra curricular activities. I was in the marching band in Middle School and then my Freshman year of high school. During that formative year in High school I came to conclusion "Band Sucks!"

Then I switched over the the bad ass crew. They wore three piece suits, carried brief cases and talked about shit nobody else understood. High School Debate. It was work intensive and we (mostly they) were kick ass. We had nearly a decade of winning state and nearly winning nationals. There were actors and debaters and a few cross overs. and we spent all of our time together and nearly all of our weekends together on the road in competition.

Now it is 34 years later. Many of us still communicate on a regular basis via Email. Including the old coach, who was only about 6 or 8 years older than the rest of us. And once a year we get together and hang out and tell wild stories, brag on children and laugh like it was 1979.

So I guess what I am saying here is I will be making light posts through the weekend and then I might need a day or so to detox.

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