Monday, September 15, 2008

Sadly Odd Day

So I go into work and the Grants Manager is there for the first time this week. She's been sick and home telling me how worthless she is because she can't help at work and she can't help take care of her mother (who's sick) her daughter in law (who just had a baby and has some health issues) or her new grandbaby... because she is freakin sick!!! In other words, whine whine whine.

So I go into her office and immediately dive into the most important things that have stacked up. Which of course is the blog post I wrote last night. Yes a strangely literate post designed to Save the Va-Jay-Jays! It had strong references to the classic Moby Dick and his obsession with the great white whale. All in all Grants Manager told me what I had already guessed. That post sucked ass! It was way too weird and took away from the important mission to Save the Va-Jay-Jays!

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So then I am late for a board meeting. But before I went, I took a Hydrocodone because my back was bothering me again. Lemme tell ya dude, if you wanna liven up a Board of Director's Finance Committee you need to get the short fat kid lit up first! WOOO WEEE!! I was suggesting those poor girls do ALL KINDS of things to raise money for the needy. NOTE TO SELF: SEND APOLOGY NOTES TOMORROW

Then I go back to the office just in time for my first ever staff meeting where I am the one in charge. Now that I am heading things up it's time to stop pussy footing around and lay down the hammer. We are behind the gun due to short staffing. Everybody is paid way too much so plan on working long days, into the night and no comp time for the time being until we get some wins on the scoreboard! OK Team now get out of the office, hit the streets and form partnerships in your committees! Everybody huddle in and say Pistol Pete on Three... One ... Two... Th... where the hell did everybody go???

Stupid girls don't understand how to make a winning team. They should watch more sports TV, like I do. SO the meeting ended. I sent off a few Emails then went to a late meeting where none of my people from my office went, I signed up youth groups, made partnerships and helped reach the milestones needed on everybody's program but mine. Sigh... the price of leadership.

So I go home tonight to watch the DVD I had rented but never watched. No Country for Old Men. It's a freakin Cohen Brother's movie... you know "Stuck on you"? "Kingpin"? Woody Harrelson was in it! OK let's just say "Buzz kill!"

So I turn off the TV, fire up the computer and sit down to try to think of something interesting to say and I get a phone call. The Grant's Manager's mother died tonight. And suddenly all that matters is her family is feeling the grief of loss. So at a time like this all my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

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