Saturday, September 6, 2008

Guilt Abated

OK So it turns out a short nap and Saturday Afternoon watching OU football seems to make guilt vanish like Wild Turkey erases stress. Thus you were not assailed all day by silly little posts involving mundane observations. Nope I have been storing them all up for a long enjoyable recap of the University of Oklahoma football game... because I KNOW how you love that game.

I'm KIDDING!! Sheeesh! Okie's get jocular when our semi pro team wins. (Yes I went to OSU and I graduated from OSU and I work for OSU. But when you want to enjoy a football game where your teams kicks another team's ass... then around here you gotta watch OU.

Hey did you notice the old blog looks different? A good friend of mine that just came through a scary episode of Ovarian cancer reminded me September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I am soooooooooo happy that modern medical science has progressed (EVOLVED to you freakin Republicans) to the point we now have survivors. But you know, the odds of beating this stuff are not all that good, even yet. So take a sec and paint everything peachy for September. I may work on a T-Shirt to sell for the cause that I can market with my "Ball Licking Man Fever" wear. How about "Save the Va-Jay-Jays!"? Maybe just show the flower off a Peace Lilly for a graphic?


Lisa said...

Hey hon.. thanks for going Peach for me.

BTW.. if it's me you're referring to in the blog, I had uterine cancer.. not ovarian. But they took my ovaries anyway during surgery.

if it was someone else you were talking about.. I wish them the very best in their journey to beat this beast called cancer.

Cris said...

Uh... Aren't they ALL girly parts? Once you get past that I get embarrassed, feel uncomfortable and I think the discomfort builds lactic acid which in turn gives me gas.

You wouldn't happen to be a REAL forgiving lover, would you?

OK is it just me or does Ovarian Cancer sound like Old World. Like something that would come out of Transylvania or something the Gypsy's curse the town girls with after they give the local boys VD. OH yeah, and my back has been hurting all weekend and I took some Hydrocodone. Could ya tell?

Did I ever tell you I just love everybody? (Big Dreamy Smile and falls asleep)