Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gotta Post Quick

Yes the old quickie. That bit of instant relief we often resort to after a long day of work and a need to get on with other business. This my friends will be your quickie. I promise to be swift. Like the wind. .... no the other kind of wind.... like you feel outside... you know the breeze. Weirdo.

In this total debasement I plan to take you in a quick rush of passion and need. Forcing you to rapidly surrender your resistance and give yourself totally to me. Before you even realize it, you will be laid naked and bared before my most obvious desire as I plunge my hard driving prose into you again, and again and again. Until finally you scream out like a tightly wound coil feeling the sweet release it justly deserves.

As you sit there glassy-eyed and gasping for breath, trying to comprehend the totality of the onslaught that left you spent and quivering in your favorite spot, I will caress you tenderly. I will gently brush the hair back behind your ear and ever so sweetly kiss you with promises of more to come tomorrow.

Or maybe I'll fall asleep and start to snore.

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