Thursday, September 18, 2008

If The World Were Fair

WARNING: The below post is written in opposites.

If the World was fair and a Democratic Majority had control of the Government and forced greed and profiteering down the throats of the American people, what would the Republicans do? If the Democrats had forced deregulation so that bankers could inflate profits off of predatory loans to overinflated ego maniacs who feel they deserve more than they can earn, what would the Republicans do? These same people who complained about welfare then borrowed more than they can pay back while bitching about the taxes that pay for the roads and police and hospitals and innovations that have made this country great. So what would the Republicans do if the Democrats, rather then they themselves, had caused this situation?

First they would blanket the Internet and the major networks with preachy editorials about how the back bone of this great country is being destroyed. They would say it wasn't hard work that made this country the greatest country in the world. Everybody works hard. Life is hard and people work everywhere and Americans are no more special than any other nation. But we invest in others. We invest in education and innovation and infrastructure. We invest in super highways, hospitals and faster internet technology. We invested in public utilities and had warmth in the winter, cool in the summer and light in the dark, and we were the envy of the world. We invested in plumbing and sewage and safe water and we were the envy of the world. We invested in GI Bills and college education plans that allow any kid that wants an education have the opportunity to contribute. We invested in Internet and gave it to the public while businesses cried and bemoaned the loss of a funding stream. We invested in a country and we were the envy of the world not from working harder than others but by recognizing the good that comes from investing in a better tomorrow.

Then the Internet and the Mass Media would be blanketed in ways that the Republicans ALWAYS want to invest in others and the Democrats want to invest in business greed. They would claim Democratic legislators screamed they needed less GOVERNMENT interference in banking so they could increase profits. It was unfair! Too much Government interference and we don't need all those protections to save us from a depression because we are way smarter than those idiots in the 1920s. They would say how many families survive day to day in squalor with welfare and compare it to the $600 billion dollars we just lost to people living in million dollar homes they were not able to afford. They would point out the greed and self serving policies that define the current administration. They would show deregulation has led to the ruin of the banking industry, the ruin of the stock markets, the ruin of affordable gas or home energy, the ruin of the airline industry, the ruin of safe road maintenance, rural health care, Science, and led to the ruin of our country being the envy of the world.

And that's what the Democrats SHOULD be doing right now, if the world was fair. But hey, let's keep making fun of Sarah Palin being stupid and inexperienced. Let's keep taunting McCain for being old. Yeah, I bet that'll work.

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