Monday, September 8, 2008


MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors - Washington Post
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Dallas Morning News
MSNBC Drops Olbermann, Matthews as News Anchors
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
By Howard Kurtz MSNBC is removing Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews as the anchors of live political events, bowing to growing criticism that they are too opinionated to be seen as neutral in the heat of the presidential campaign.
MSNBC says Olbermann, Matthews won't anchor The Associated Press
MSNBC Drops Olbermann and Matthews From Election Coverage Anchor Roles Broadcasting & Cable

OK so Fox News is proud that the majority of their viewers think WMDs were found in Iraq. That Iraq was responsible for 9-11 and that Waterboarding is not torture. But MSNBC has anchors that are too opinionated?!! OMG Bill O'Rielly won.


Avitable said...

I like Olbermann. He's pretty funny. I do think that we should try to be unbiased in the news, though, so restricting those who can't be objective to a commentary type role is a good idea.

Miss Britt said...

Fox News didn't win.

They just need to follow suit.

At least we still have The Daily Show.

Cris said...

Adam: Maybe, but Fox has a news entertainment format that is full of bias and commentary, both subtle and overt. I feel we need a counterbalance, if, for nothing else, to show they are each opposite ends of a spectrum.

Britt: I hope you are right. But Fox is free and you have to PAY to see Jon Stewart. So if they don't follow suit (If I was President, I'd make them) then they now have a HUGE advantage.