Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poor Little Wan Lo Ching

There is a little boy about 8 years old in China. His father was killed in some village skirmish involving animal sodomy and his mother is forbidden to work because she had three children in a country with very strict baby regulations. The house is full of Uncles, Aunts and cousins that are all starving because only little Wan Lo Ching is able to make enough money to feed them.

Wan is no longer in school because his hunger kept him awake all night before testing for academic aptitude tests when he was 6. Thus he was designated as a worker. Ching get's up early and walks the four miles to the small textile factory where he will work a grueling 12 hour shift. He gets no breaks, they never allow him to eat and if he does not keep up a steady pace he will lose his job to one of the other 4 billion Chinese kids that wish they were as lucky as little Wan Lo Ching.

Ching does all he can and at the end of the week he makes enough money to buy two loves of bread and a paper cup his family can share. They drink water from the stream that is just down river from the sewage plant. They take turns drinking from the paper cup and by the end of the week the cup is in tatters and the bread is moldy.

Today Little Wan Lo Ching got bad news about the textile factory. The wealthy American investor said sales were not as high as he expected. He anticipates shutting the factory down and laying off the workers. He calls it American Downsizing based on economic supply and demand. The factory is famed in all of China and India for making high quality "Ball Licking Man" and "Save the Va-Jay-Jays!" T-shirts. Regardless of quality, regardless of the need to survival for the family of Wan Lo Ching, the factory will close if sales don't increase. Thus is the plight of a poor child working in a immoral sweatshop in a developing nation. Wont you help little Wan Lo Ching?

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