Sunday, September 7, 2008

eh... about them Vay-Jay-Jayss....

First Peach is the color is you want to save Ute ruses and Teal is the color to support kicking Ovarian Cancer's ass.

Second... I don't see a teal color option

Third... I have to change my tag to a Uterus... but that is anatomically closer to my monthly slogan of a va-jay-jay so the T-shirt stays the same.

Fourth.. For all of you that wrote me privately to tell me I don't understand a woman's private parts and Ovaries are not Hoopty-doos. Point taken. We are now all about saving Uteruseses. doesn't provide a teal color.. Or I don't know what teal looks like any more than I do a real live Va-jay-jay... So Please join me in thumping Uterine cancer's ass and punch it right square in the mouth?

OH YES I DID!! I went ass to mouth right here in front of you! Why? Because it is THAT important. ....and maybe it's a guy thing.

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