Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not Going to Avitable's House of Horror

OK so I found out I can't go to the party of the year AGAIN! Really I knew I wouldn't be able to go. This is a special time of the year for my family. For years we helped run one of the largest spook trails in this part of the state. I have taken my kids out in the deep scary woods and scared the crap out of customers for $5 a head for years!

Yes I know that's too damn cheap. But the people who worked the thing wanted to provide a show that entire families could go to, and in this tasty neck of the woods, that means you gotta build it good but you gotta do it cheap. SO rather than run a day or two... they ran that freakin show ALL month in October! It was a killer and I am kind of glad the property owner stopped the show.

But it built great memories with the kids and all their friends. So now we have our parties where the kids invite friends and we make a little fire and they roast hot dogs and sit around and visit and listen to music and carve pumpkins and make smores. They chill as kids should. It's when they just finished the first quarter of the new school year and time to take a break before Dad... eh.. the school ... starts kicking ass once more.

But yesterday I got even bigger news... big to the point it drove the final wooden steak through the heart of my hopes to go to Avitable's awesome Neverwas Fair. My Uncle will celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary this Halloween!! And in honor of the horrific event he is throwing an all out Avitable-like party with costumes, and music and dancing and games and it is right next door to the town's spookhouse where he will take all the kids. It will be awesome.

I told him I already have a costume in mind. I want to wear a gorilla suit and drink until I pass out in a box full of ice. Then I will the Bigfoot body found in the mountains!! But on second thought... then I would miss the spookhouse so maybe I need some ideas. What would be a good costume for a round shaped short bald headed man that would befit a 10th wedding anniversary horror fest? Any ideas for Mrs. Y2K?

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Avitable said...

Sounds like fun! Maybe some year you will be able to make it, though.