Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things I Need to Do

You know I need to make a wood shed. A metal roof perched on 4x4 posts that will keep my fire wood safe and dry over the cold winter. It won't be hard to build. It won't take long and it wont even cost much money. In fact, the dry wood will more than pay for the wood shed if I have a very cold winter.

I need to build my outdoor kitchen. I need to run the propane line from my heat and air unit over to my kitchen spot for the gas grill. I need to put a large metal roof and make a serving bar. I have a sink already purchased and I have galvanized metal for counter tops.

I need to fix my pasture fence and build a small corral. I need to fix the small pasture so that Cris Jr. can get an Ag project for calves, sheep, goats or pigs. OR I can simply buy a few calves each Spring (as I always intend to do) and let them graze out the pasture. Then I can butcher one in Fall and sell the other two before winter. As an added bonus, I can cook the butchered calf in the new outdoor kitchen!

I need to rent a slip or buoy on a nearby lake and go sailing each weekend. I need to put up or shut up. I need to get out there and gain the confidence I need so I can buy a bigger boat and have fun family weekends.

I need to finish hanging the doors on my barn.

I need to collect another rick of wood for the winter.

I need to do a lot of things now that it is cool enough to acutally accomplish something. I have an entire to-do list that Mrs. Cris hasn't even started adding to yet.

But the Fall TV season is on!! Maybe I'll get to the list sometime in May. ...If it isn't too hot.

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