Friday, September 12, 2008

Test Your Math

OK I admit it. I swiped this off some other site. And now there is a raging debate within the family. When you Square Money do you have to square girls on the other side of the equation? If so, then the real equation would read that only Square girls are evil. What do you think?


Crystal said...

If you have Girls^2, you'd end up with Money^4, since Girls = Money^2.

And now I'm showing my math nerdery.

sybil law said...

What Crystal said.
My nerdery is more creative. Numbers make me crazy.

Cris said...

OK here's a guilty confession. I have a relative that's a math teacher and I have a daughter who LOVES math. Me....? I nod my head, smile and if they ask me a direct question I'll change the subject.

But in all honesty... it seems you are both saying "Girls are Evil?" heh heh