Saturday, September 27, 2008

Political Saturday

I have decided once again I don't give a freakin rip about the Presidential Election. Me talking about who or what I want in the presidential election is like me talking about what type of super yacht I want to buy. I can dream and boast and make all the big talk I want, but in the end... I don't really have any impact on either topic.

See, let's forget for a second that in Oklahoma a Democrat's vote is like a fly's burp in a thunderstorm... not even noticeable to anything except the fly. Let's forget for just a second that nearly every church has nearly every redneck in this state convinced all Democrats are Devil worshiping abortionists who want to raise taxes and get your young teenage daughter pregnant... so they can abort the baby. Let's forget all of that and focus on what really matters. WE. The. People. Don't elect the President, the Electoral College elects the President. We, the people, are simply voting to make a strong suggestion the Electoral College doesn't even have to take, if it doesn't want.

So talking about who to vote for President, is as dumb as going to war to protect the peace or screwing to keep your virginity. I just need to get over myself and move on to things I can effect. So, once again, I resolve to not get sucked back into the Presidential issue. It simply raises my blood pressure and loses me friends.

What I need to do is make my buddies a deal. I will vote for McCain if they will vote Democrat for the US Senate. A fair deal. Get rid of the ineffective guys we have in Washington. You might like them, but they have not helped the state or the country and change will be good. A fair trade.

Only... A Democrat will not win the Presidential election in Oklahoma and a Republican Senatorial Candidate probably would. So a trade would be a real good thing. PLUS... how many of these guys could I talk into that deal? I know my Dad would agree to it in a heart beat. What about my best friends?

You know there is an old saying that a Wise man must pick his battles. Why fight a battle I will have no effect on, when I might be able to make a real difference in a different battle?


Avitable said...

That's what you get for living in fucking Oklahoma.

Cris said...

You are preaching to the choir there Bubba! I SOOO need to get away from this Bush loving State. Move to an area of enlightenment like you did.

Eh... what's the name of your Governor again?

heh heh heh