Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Minute Political Rant

Oh in the news today, on the eve of a Tax payer bailout of the clusterfuck banking industry that is estimated to exceed 2/3rds of a Billion dollars, Congress is now also considering bailing out European banks that participated in high profit high risk loans, in the name of fairness.

OK this is pissing me off. The Democrats need to back the fuck off. They need to let the system collapse. They need to point fingers. They need to take on the mantle of Fiscal Responsibility and allow the cluster fuck to hit rock bottom and stop trying to save the same system that they fought hard to protect from the greed of the Corporate led Repugs. If the Republicans don't care if it all goes to hell in a hand basket, the Democrats need to back off and let it. The party will kill off all of it's loyal followers.

People only vote Republican because they think it puts money in their pockets. Let American Taxpayers feel how the Republicans have been taking money away from them all this time to pay for the million dollar houses other people live in while they struggle to pay medical bills, and finally they will see the light. But as long as the DNC looks just as guilty from helping a corrupt bailout plan in the name of "FREE TRADE" (what a fucking joke) then they deserve everything they get.

Take the high road. Tell the American Public the Republican voters created this shit storm, ask them if they REALLY think the way out of debt you can't pay is to borrow twice as much money, and let it fall apart. If you want to feel productive, set up programs to help out people who lose everything to get a fresh start with a health dose of "Told you so."

Oh yeah, why do we have to bail out high risk speculators (and not homeowners) rather than simply make them a no-interest loan? Why give it away? Are the banks going to be that nice to the home owners? This whole "reward stupidity" proposal sucks ass.

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