Monday, September 22, 2008

I Got In A Fight

So there I was all happy and content in my office this morning. My work was caught up, I was recovered from a hang over and better yet... I heard everybody I hung out with this past weekend was hung over all day Sunday too. Life could not be better and then it happened.

One of my best friends, maybe my oldest friend, sent me an Email titled "How the Democrats are Responsible For Today's Financial Crisis."


So I read this pissy dumb-ass story from Bloomburg hat claims that because the Democrats would not support a Republican bailout of banks several years ago, they pushed the nation to this point. And I fired off in return.

I said how it pissed me off to think that the American people are so freakin stupid that they never pay attention and they cant recall events in recent memory. I clearly recall the Republicans whining that their corporate Dominatrices couldn't make enough profit because of all the Liberal Government interference. The Democrats said there were regulation in place to avoid another Great Depression and the Republicans countered like pompas dickheads and said they were way smarter now than the losers in 1929 and they don't need regulations. And against all Democrat protests they did away with our nation's protection. They did away with banking regulations, stock market regulations and air line regulations. Look how those industries have grown into stability since then!

It was a very stressful Email for me to write in the midst of a day's work, but it was something that needed to be said even if it hurt. Then my oldest best friend writes back accusing me of never reading his Email story and just launching into liberal talking points I get off of Daily KOS or Move-On.Org.


So I fire back with assurances I never read Daily KOS or I believe being trained to accept professional political bullshit spin from those guys is just as bad as being dumb enough to eat the same shit sandwich Rush or Imus try to feed you on the other side of the butt-puppet spectrum. But I am bright enough to occasionally pay attention enough to remember when the deregulation happened. I remember thinking that was a mistake, since I had ALWAYS heard about those regulations in regards to the Great Depression and our national insurance on protecting the American savings account. I don't need somebody to tell me how to think when I can function on some basic level all on my own... and I am not paid to support one side or another.

I fire off this Email thinking I might have insulted my oldest best friend to the point my oldest friendship was in trouble. Then tonight, on the drive home my cell phone rings and it is my oldest bestest buddy calling. OH SHIT! "Hey Dude, I just wanted to call you and tell you sometime I fire things off a little too quickly and they sound like I am mad and I am not. I enjoyed today's Email debate."

Maybe that's why we have been friends for all these years. Freakin Politics suck.

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