Saturday, September 20, 2008

A simple question

OK I gotta question for you. It's pretty simple and shouldn't take a lot of thought. But do you think me listing my blog as an adult website is hurting my popularity? See I did it so that I could have the freedom to post whatever I wanted to post. I don't intend to post pornographic pictures or videos, but I have the freedom to do that if I want because we are all adults here.

But even I have to to through that huge Adult Warning screen every time I go to post on this blog. and it has slowly begin to dawn on me that maybe I don't need that buffer. What constitutes adult content anyway? Would renaming an article found in the MSM "Study finds Republicans are pussies!" constitute as adult content? Would post labels of "Bush Sucks" make me adult content? What about a picture of a bony skeleton bent over his own groin with the caption "Get Ball Licking Man Fever?" or maybe a symbol of a vagina and the slogan "Save the Va-Jay-Jays!"?

Because, really, I am not sure if that makes this adult in content. I am not too sure Madd Magazine might not have the same content. I am not too sure Comedy Central doesn't have the same level of content. While sometimes profane, gross and outright insulting and stupid... do you consider this fucker to be adult content?

I think I should relabel the blog and invite in more little kids. Maybe spam a few elementary school morning assemblies. My new slogan can be "Get Opprobrius or get fucked!" Maybe, "An A student potential with an mind." Yeah, that's it! I should drop my adult content limitations and reach out for the younger set!

Not that way, you pervert! Sheeesh


Lisa said...

I dunno. I don't use the P word or the B word on my blog.. but I do use anatomically correct words for body parts.. and no one has complained yet.

I might be getting close to the edge on bloggers content policies (making a note to start keeping a copy of my posts .. just in case my blog should disappear one day), but I hope as long as I'm presenting the information in a mature manner, that it will be ok.

Better check out the content policy and see what you think.

You could email the powers that be to ask their opinion.. but that might be throwing fuel on a fire too.

Good Luck!!

Cris said...

I went to the site and they don't specifically state what constitutes an adult site. Profanity is not mentioned. Sex and porn are not allowed if it is for commercial reasons, but I am not sure that applies to what is an adult site or not.

While I make posts that from time to time I hope my kids don't read, I don't think it is any worse than what they read on other sites. I might change my settings. Thanks for the link!

Avitable said...

I would remove the adult part of it - it is indeed hurting your traffic. I was on Blogger for two years and I occasionally posted a naked picture or a video, and it was fine. You're not an adult site.

Cris said...

I agree! I changed that baby. Stand back and watch the hits roll in now baby!! WooHooo

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